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MEIS mission is to initiate a dialogue in the Indian society through ‘Moral Story-telling Competitions’ at schools across India. We firmly believe that the future citizens of India can begin a positive change in our society through such forums.

Moral Story-telling competition will be held at schools as part of the various co-curricular activities normally held by the school administration. Children will be given opportunity to speak in front of an audience so that they can build confidence while underlining the need for ethical and moral values. The events will not only seed ethical values in children but also help them connect, discuss and debate with their peers on important non-academic topics.

Wall of Ethics

MEIS adopted one more mode of spreading ethics. Ten quotes are selected and composed as Wall of Ethics. This is in the lines of “Dharma Stoopam” installed in his kingdom by emperor Ashoka. These are distributed to schools, organizations and individuals to inculcate values orientation.

School Registration (Free) for Moral Story-telling Competition at school on 14th Aug

The current MEIS goal is to help conduct Moral Story-telling competition at 1 lakh schools across India, 0n 14th Aug. The Competition is at school level only. Any school can register (Free) at www.ethicalindia.org

Certificates will be sent by MEIS

MEIS will email 3 Certificates (for top-3 winners) to all registered schools.

Prize distribution on 15th Aug

The school will conduct the moral story-telling competition on 14th August and then will distribute the prizes on the Independence Day 15th Aug.


Narasimha Raju Kesipeddi
Founder & President
Amar Kumar Choudhary
Vice President
Vishnu Mamidipally
General Secretary
Abhishek Gupta
Joint Secretary
Kalyani Kuppa
Joint Secretary
Amit Mishra
Executive Member
Guggilla Ravikumar
Executive Member
Sriharsha Pervaram
Executive Member
Shobha Murali
President, MEI Karnataka
Pratap Malladi
General Secretary, MEI Telangana
Hridaydeep Barman
President, MEI Assam
Amar Athikam
Ambassador, MEI USA
Mahalingam M Iyer
Coordinator, MEI Maharashtra
Bhaskar Neela
Ambassador, MEI UK
Yugandhar Rampeesa
Executive Member
Jasmine Grover
Executive Member, MEI Delhi
Phanindra Sura
Executive Member, MEI Telangana
Asnala Sreenu
Vice President, MEI Telangana
Raju Mangalampally
President, Jangaon Dist.
Avinash Bramhadevara
Joint Secretary
P B Sampath Kumar
Social Media Incharge
Shama Sareen
Joint Secretary
Pragna P Hiremutt
Executive Member
Swetha Gade
Joint Secretary, Karimnagar Dist.
Phani Raja Sarma Kottur
President, Ananthapuram Dist.
Mukesh Kumar Brahmbhatt
Coordinator Gujarat
Meesala Shekhar
President, Peddapalli Dist.
MVSV Kiranmai
President, MEI East Godavari dist.
Veeram Raju
President, MEI Khammam dist.

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Mission Ethical India Society,
#G-2, Sri Lakshmi Venkateshwara Residency,
L.B. Nagar Ring Road,
Hyderabad - 500074.
+91 8790 367 467

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